Madame Zuzu's Stimulus (exclusive) !BEST SELLER!


Madame Zuzu's Stimulus (exclusive) !BEST SELLER!

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Weight: 1/4lb  (Avg. 60 Cups) 

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Madame ZuZu's Stimulus Hot is a beautiful blend of oolong and guayusa (an Amazonian herb). This blend can only be found at Madame ZuZu's.


Madame Zuzu's Stimulus Tea 

A proprietary blend made specially for Billy Corgan's Tea House, Madame Zuzu in Highland Park, IL. This blend combines our organic competition grade oolong from the Anhui Provence of China and an herb recently found in the amazon known as Guayusa©. Guayusa© has twice the antioxidants and twice the caffeine of traditional tea. This blend offers a big boost to the body with an amazingly complex flavor.

High in Antioxidants


  • Oolong from China
  • Guayusa from the Amazon
Caffeine Content: High