The Tea Collection (Online Exclusive)

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The Tea Collection (Online Exclusive)

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Not sure which teas to get? Stock up your pantry with the perfect array of teas. Impress your friends with this collection. 


1/4lb  bags of each tea. (Avg. 60 Cups) 


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Madame ZuZu's Stimulus is the perfect tea to wake up in the morning and keep you going throughout the day.

Our Mocha Chai is a wonderful black tea blend with madagascar vanilla and cacao nibs. This sweet and full flavored tea is perfect alongside dessert or even as an afternoon treat. 

Our French Kissed Moroccan Mint is a beautiful dragonwell green tea, french lavender, and mint blend. After a meal this tea finishes the palate with warmth and love leaving everyone with a smile. 

Our Chamomile Citron is one of the finest chamomiles in the world. The biodynamic egyptian tea blend is a wonderful addition to end the day with. Without caffeine this lovely tea warms the heart and calms the mind with a hint of citrus dancing on the end of each sip.