Madame Zuzu's Teahouse Announces 3rd Anniversary Celebration Event + Limited-Offer, Lyric-Signed Record Players by Billy Corgan

Three years in the making, Zuzu's welcomes you to join us for a special evening on Friday, October 9th. Starting at 6:30pm, Billy Corgan hosts a RSVP-only event that invites attendees on a private tour of his vintage postcard collection; curated as such from so many years of travel and now offered for public sale. At 7:30, our doors swing wide to the general public for DJ Matt Sams and a one-night only menu of teas and tasty fall treats. As for all Zuzu's events, there is no charge, but a deposit (which will go toward the special tea of the evening + sweet of the day) is required for those wishing to secure their seat for Billy's opening hour.


Additionally, and due to daily requests for us to ship around the world, Madame Zuzu's is now offering personally signed record players for a limited-time only (featuring lyrics from your favorite Smashing Pumpkins, Zwan, or BC solo songs). The only restriction is that your lyric choice must be from a song written by Billy.

Supplies are limited, and details, price, and prior examples can be found here: MORE SPECIAL EDITION ANNIVERSARY PRODUCTS HERE

ZuZu's 3rd Anniversary Party lasts till 11, and we do hope you can come so that Billy and our staff can thank you in person. See you there!