Why loose leaf teas?: Cheap tea bags contain frighteningly high fluoride levels: Study

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Cheap tea bags contain frighteningly high fluoride levels: Study

(NaturalNews) A new study published in the journal, Food Research International, has revealed that millions of people across the globe are at serious risk of developing tooth decay, bone loss, and other serious health conditions as a result of over-exposure to fluoride. Many inexpensive, store brand black and green teas, it turns out, contain dangerously high levels of fluoride that far exceed even the government's over-inflated maximums for fluoride exposure.

Though it focused mainly on private label tea brands sold in the U.K., the study identified what is presumably a reality in many developed nations -- cheap teas generally contain levels of fluoride so high that drinking them may be considered unsafe. Based on an analysis of 38 different tea brands, Ph.D. student Laura Chan and her colleagues from the University of Derbyfound that fluoride levels averaged around six milligrams per liter (mg/l) in store brand tea…...

Read full article here: http://www.naturalnews.com/041492_fluoride_tea_bags_side_effects.html#ixzz2zjnmszY1