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LIVE MUSIC: Brontë Fall

Brontë Fall is a musical potion of Pop, Rock and Americana music founded by songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Teri Bracken. Over the past several years, Bracken has spent time following her passion in various American cities including Boston, New York, Nashville and then back to her hometown of Chicago. Already an orchestral violin player, keyboardist, and vocalist, Bracken craved the rawness of Americana roots music. When she fell in love with the craft of songwriting, all of the pieces fell into place. On her journey, she set in writing songs that were unedited, honest, modern, and, at times, impolite. Outspokenly feminine and reminiscent of the Brontë sisters, who dared to have a voice in a time when women did not, Bracken’s voice has come to boldly define Brontë Fall. 


Brontë Fall’s debut album, Silhouette Dances, allows all of the influences of Bracken’s personal journey to seep through as she continues to pursue this adventure of music and life.