ZuZu's Anniversary Celebration !

Three years in the making, Zuzu's welcomes you to join us for a special evening on Friday, October 9th. Starting at 6:30pm, Billy Corgan hosts a RSVP-only event that invites attendees on a private tour of his vintage postcard collection; curated as such from so many years of travel and now offered for public sale. At 7:30, our doors swing wide to the general public for DJ Matt Sams and a one-night only menu of teas and tasty fall treats. As for all Zuzu's events, there is no charge, but a deposit (which will go toward the special tea of the evening + sweet of the day) is required for those wishing to secure their seat for Billy's opening hour.

LINK TO RSVP HERE: http://www.madamezuzus.com/shop/rsvp-for-zuzus-anniversary-630pm