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Open Mic/Literary Magazine Showcase


Mosaic is Lakes Community High School’s literary arts magazine, designed by the magazine production staff over the course of the spring semester each year.Mosaic includes the original poetry, prose, photography and artwork of LCHS students, celebrating the creative community at Lakes, and allowing all students to have a voice.

Yardbird’s Dilemma is comprised of the finest young musicians in the North Chicago suburbs, seeking the eternal goal for jazz musicians: keeping jazz alive. "We wish to solve a multi-faceted dilemma with our playing: promoting jazz music and music that moves in a time where the mainstream does not reflect this, and to find an artistic voice within each individual player as well as the listener through music."  Though influenced greatly by the works of Bird himself, the Dilemma does not play strictly to one artist. Drawing from ideas of the greats (Coltrane, Gillespie, Davis, Montgomery, etc.), they also seek to infuse their own classic jazz sound with a sprinkle of original songs and newer charts and arrangements from more modern artists as well.