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                                        Nicole Martinelli

                            Artist Statement /Bio

 The world that we ‘see’ around us is not the real world but our mind’s representation of our senses. The sky is not blue, this is something that our minds create. This opens up interesting possibilities for art , for as our mind represents reality ,likewise our art is also created by representation. Thus art has the potential to convey our minds representation of reality , by a further representation of art that overcomes naive real illusions to ‘see’ things as they truly are, as they should be.

“A great artist is always before his time or behind it .“George Moore “

I identify with this statement , I feel I am behind the times. My art is more conventional instead of modern art where you will go to an exhibit and see a blank canvas going for an outrageous price and people will sit and marvel at it …I am more about going to a simpler time .My main focus is on nature , the great outdoors, flowers, or a simple still life of fruit, I like to capture the simple things in life that we take for granted.

If you like artists like Henri Matisse, Claude Monet, Vincent Van Gogh then I am sure you will most certainly fancy my artwork. My art background began at the early age of ten with private professional watercolor lessons I quickly advanced to adult classes by age twelve. Although grammar school and high school focused primarily on watercolors and oil pastels . Recently in the last seven years I expanded my medium to include oils. I am associated with Mc Cord art gallery in Palos Park Illinois. Where I continue painting on a regular basis .


My recent achievements include being selected in the juried art annual Moraine Valley juried art show in 2011, and 2012 .I also had a private art show at Salt Creek wine bar this past july 2013.


“The only time I feel alive is when I’m painting .(Vincent Van Gogh )
. Painting has always brought me solace ,serenity and brings my mind , heart, and soul to a perfect balance and at peace. I want to transmit these feelings through my art. Art initially is taking an object, fruit, flower and giving it a life, but through your own eyes ,your perception.
Every piece I paint or write  My art work is like taking a looking glass into my mind heart and soul. . I am evolving everyday, growing , learning and experiencing my world as a prism of light catching beautiful colors and capturing them on canvas and paper.

“Where the spirit does not work with the hand
There is no art .”
(Leonardo Da Vinci)

I am a very spiritual person I believe I must use this gift at my full extent…Art is my life , my expression, my talent I live for and appreciate. My spirit exists and lies on canvas. If I can inspire awaken ,and bring solace and pleasure to others as I have found myself, I have achieved my artistic goal


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