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Book an evening at ZuZu’s

As an open media space we encourage anyone interested to use ZuZu’s as their club or special gathering site to display their art or perform anything from comedy to one act plays to music.

To apply please fill out the form or email us at and tell us how you would like to use ZuZu’s for a unique purpose.

A representative will contact you and work to arrange an evening for you if we feel what you are offering would be welcome and of interest to the general public. All events would be free of charge unless you apply for a private event.

All free events will require a $100 refundable deposit to insure us against no shows.



We are located at:

We are conveniently located one block west of the  Ravinia Metra stop at:

582 Roger Williams

Highland Park, IL 60035

Phone: 847-926-7434

General Inquiries:

PR: Lissa Druss Christman,

Follow us on twitter: @ZuzusTeahouse


582 Roger Williams Ave
HIghland Park, IL 60035

(847) 926-7434

Madame ZuZu's is a Tea Shop and Art Studio located in Highland Park, IL. Serving exquisite teas, unique foods, vegan pastries and hosting art shows, live music, talks, creative conferences, Billy Corgan's antique shop and more! It is a wonderful place to share some time with a loved one or have fun with friends and go shop for unique items. We make sure to only serve you the best quality there is. Please refer to our TEA FAQ page to learn more about our teas and what makes Madame ZuZu's truly unique. 



Monday 10am-5pm

Tuesday 10am-5pm

Wednesday 10am-5pm

Thursday 10am-11:30pm

Friday 10am-11:30pm

Saturday 10am-11:30pm

Sunday 11am-5pm


Events Calendar

Check out our events calendar ! Lots of music, arts, antiques, poetry events, presentations, gatherings, etc happening all the time for all occasions. 

WANT TO PERFORM OR SCHEDULE AN EVENT AT ZUZU'S ? EMAIL: ! And our events coordinator will be in touch!

"Siddhartha" by Herman Hesse, with musical interpretation by William Corgan

On 2//28 Billy will be doing a show at @ZuZusTeahouse; start time noon, and due to nature of performance it will last 8-9 hours. Show will be centered around an ambient/musical interpretation of Hermann Hesse's Siddhartha; built by modular synthesis, on the fly. Readings of the text to go hand in hand with whatever is created; + the first @Hexistential poster, special elixir tea, and event t-shirts too


No reservations are being taken. 

Please note that Madame ZuZu's is first come, first serve and we have a small teahouse. We reserves the right to rotate seating in order to accommodate as many of our customers as possible.  That said, we welcome everyone and admission is free.