Ken Sommer is a musician from the Chicago area that sings, writes, and plays the drums, guitar, bass, and some piano. He has been performing and recording in bands like Marathon Man, Edger, Lounge Friend, Cash Cow, Rosewood Beach, Spun and others for over 20 years. He has also done a number of solo shows over the years, and put out many albums like, "Sir real, Officer, Ted, Before the Choice, Rocking with Grandma, Simple Single, Swan, song, swim, Bottle of Peace and is working on a possible double album Done with Error's. Ken also has been published and worked as a writer, poet, painter, photographer, videographer, actor, and turns water into bottled water with amazement if your lucky at certain events. One review by Chicago based writer, sound opinions host, and teacher Jim DeROGATIS  from 2004 in the Chicago Suntimes said, "Ken Sommer is an earnest, prolific recording artist. To date, he has self released 2 albums "Officer," and Sir Real," and a third, "In the Highlands," is coming soon. A rabid Replacements fan, his literary eye for lyrics and indie-rock take on the Rolling Stones circa "Exile on Main St." would do Paul Westerberg proud.  Kenny is hoping to have the Done with Error's album part 1 n maybe 2 finished and some full band shows in the near future.  The show will be available for streaming and to watch later on