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Join Us the day after Thanksgiving for some tea and a spectacular art show. And Live music!!!!!

6:30   Colby Maddox - mandolin

7:30   The Muscovy Ducks - Cajun harmonica

8:30    Natalie Holzkopf - vocals and guitar

9:30    Mark Wydra - guitar

           Harry Garner - harmonica


STEVEN  LEVIN is a self-taught artist.  Born in Chicago in 1949, he began honing his art at the early age of 15.  His influences included comic books (particularly the underground titles of the 1960's), Chinese and Japanese art, and the artwork of Salvador Dali, Any Warhol, and Ed "Big Daddy" Roth.


In the 1970's Steven became the art editor the The Gabba Gabba Gazette, Chicago's only magazine focused exclusively on punk music and culture.  In his work, he had  mixed cartoon characters with religious icons, always representing the struggle between light and dark, and between tranquility and confusion.


Most recently, Steven has been working on a Pilates Animal Art Movement project, which has involved adopting a more realistic style; although he still retains his core sense of humor.

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Later Event: November 30